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Ultra Clear and Heavy 808s. Bonus Kicks Included.

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What is this? Who are we?

DRUMTHORITY is an online audio company and resource dedicated to helping you, the beat maker, have all the tools AND knowledge needed to have the best and hardest knocking beats for miles.

Drumthority is founded on integrity and quality. We assure that you will NEVER have to worry about receiving ‘recycled’ drum samples that others try to pass as their own. As of writing this, all sounds are hand-crafted with hours of care and time by myself, FishJackson.

Okay so that’s Drumthority, what about you?

FishJackson is my online handle, Justin is my real name, but you can call me Fish.

Writing about yourself is a real eye-opener of who you really are and what you really value. While I can do my best to tell you, you’ll just have to find out through my actions and how I carry myself.

  • I love audio & music.
  • I love using my brain creatively to solve problems for myself, clients, and friends.
  • Writing this makes me think of Myspace. (Remember your top 10 friends? Yeah.. I was never on anyone’s) Maybe if I made dope sounds back then I would have gathered more of those.
  • I make extremely high quality and meticulously designed sounds. (Aka dope sounds)
  • I have been sound designing for 3 years and I started with learning NI Massive.
  • I first got into music production through EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I made a House song then made only Dubstep for 2 years which forced me to learn sound design. (Dubstep is all about crazy sounds)
  • I love to share knowledge I’ve gained.
  • I read a ton of books and invest in myself every single month.

You’ll get to know more of me through our @Drumthority Snapchat 

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Justin 'FishJackson' Beats

Justin 'FishJackson' Beats

CEO & Sound Designer

Honest entrepreneur, Believer in the power of the little people, Lover of audio and all things sound related and nerdy/technical sound designer. I've released sound products with TrackGodSound, Prime Loops, and Independently totaling in over 800+ sounds designed from scratch.

Learn more about me and the Drumthority mission here: About


Original Sources

All sound sources start from scratch from my synthesizers or my Zoom H4N portable recorder. No recycled or stolen sounds. Period.

Layering Of Unique Sounds

Layers upon layers of unique sounds to make truly new and original drum sounds.

High Quality Processing & Mastering

All Drumthority samples are ran through only the highest quality processors such as iZotope, FabFilter, Waves, and more.


DRUMTHORITY is dedicated to helping you, the beat maker, have all the tools AND knowledge needed to have the best and hardest knocking beats for miles.

SOCIALIZE with us, we socialize back and support the beatmaker community! Snapchat: @Drumthority Facebook: @Drumthority Instagram: @Drumthority Twitter: @Drumthority Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Xu4kiSdjmdX8A5UomoIbA We need 100 subs for @Drumthority! Please Help! =] Soundcloud: @Drumthority

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